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The Sporasub Stealth suit uses Hecs technology to help the diver get closer to marine life by drastically reducing the electrical field our body emits. The Faraday Cage is an enclosure made of conductive grid that minimizes the amplitude of electrical currents. This allows for a more natural interaction with marine life. This combined with the cut, comfort and quality of the Sporasub brand sets the suit apart. The suit comes standard with socks and gloves which are required to complete the Faraday Cage enclosure. This technology will not make you invisible but give you one more advantage in your arsenal. The camouflage pattern of the suit is mottled greens, blues and browns.
Features and Benefits
  • Reinforced knees
  • Reinforced chest pad
  • Open cell inside
  • Double snap beaver tail jacket & high waist pants
  • 5mm thickness
  • Purge in hood
  • Carbon fiber grid woven into fabric (Faraday Cage)
  • Includes socks & gloves
  • Sizes M/3 - XXL/6

    PLEASE NOTE: freediving wetsuits must be worn fitted to better serve their function. Given the material used to manufacture them, the above table is for reference only. We strongly suggest to try your wetsuit at a retail store.
    SIZES S/2 M/3 L/4 XL/5 XXL/6 XXXL/7
    CHEST CM 91-97 95-101 99-105 103-110 108-115 113-122
    WAIST CM 72-80 77-84 81-88 85-93 90-98 95-105
    HIPS CM 81-88 86-92 90-97 95-102 99-108 105-115
    ARM CM 51-55 53-57 55-59 57-61 59-63 60-64
    INSEAM CM 65-70 67-72 68-74 71-76 73-78 75-80
    HEIGHT CM 167-172 171-177 176-182 181-187 186-192 191-197
    WEIGHT KG 63-70 68-76 74-84 82-92 90-100 98-114
    5 MM
    M/3 SU328111
    L/4 SU328112
    XL/5 SU328113
    XXL/6 SU328114


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